Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I’ve checked the most latest wedding dresses online

Who would not love to get married? Every girl in the world, would love to get married with the man, they want to spend for the rest of their lives.. In my case, I already found my man of my life. But we’re not married yet, for us, it’s only a paperwork. But hey we will still get married someday, not only today. Time will come for us. We are already 4 years and have a 3 years old son. We are a happy family, and of course I still want to be Mrs. Layco in the future.
My dream wedding would be on a beautiful church where my man introduce me to. Where he first asked me to go to church and hear a sermon together. He’s not an ordinary guy to be with. He  is something special. And if ever he asks me, to marry him. I will definitely give my YES, to him.
And while I’m browsing, I’ve checked the most latest wedding dresses online. So I could have an idea on what I want to wear someday. :)
Here are my Top 3 picks I want this kind of wedding dress called Ball-Gown.
Aren’t they beautiful?! My gahhhd! If I’m going to wear that someday, definitely I’ll be the happiest girl on that day! Now I can’t wait!
How about you? What kind of wedding dress you like to wear on your day? :)

Apple Bridesmaid Dresses in my closet

A couple of weeks ago, an old college friend informed us that he’s getting married. It’s an exciting news and we’re definitely happy for him. But as soon as our talk ended, I knew that I need to start planning for what I would wear on that special day.

If I were like any other girl, I wouldn’t need to worry about that. As a rule of fashion, every woman needs to have an LBD or that Apple Bridesmaid Dresses in their wardrobe. But I’m not that kind of girl and I don’t have an abundance of Bridesmaid Dresses in my closet.

And so the search begins.

Apple Bridesmaid Dresses Under 59 00Apple Bridesmaid Dresses Under 59 00

Comfort is the most important thing to me when it comes to clothing. I’m looking for a dress that doesn’t show that much skin because it will be a church wedding but still comfortable to wear around summertime. The photo above is an A-line dress with a princess square neckline. It is made of chiffon and I love the feel of it on my skin. Its soft fabric and this particular style can do wonders for any body types. A knee length dress with the right pair of shoes would also complement my legs; something my short height would definitely need.

Next step would be looking for this kind of dress in my size. It’s been years since I last wore a dress and I’m definitely not the same size since then.